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Our job is to help people crystallize and articulate their goals. A lot of people have never taken the time to do that. Next we try to quantify those goals. Last but not least, we identify a path to get there from here.

Our process is straightforward, consultative and collaborative in nature. Those clients, with whom we mutually agree to engage, will follow a seven-step process that looks something like this:

Step One: Interview for fit
The first step is to meet and ascertain what it is you are looking to accomplish. Are we the right firm for you? Are you the right client for us? This is a two-way conversation where we get to ask each other important questions and determine whether it makes sense to move forward with the process.

Step Two: Develop your mission statement
Probably the most critical conversation we will have as we start our relationship, here we not only gather facts, but also capture your feelings. We will ask you about your biggest financial concerns, goals and aspirations. What do you value most, and what have you done to protect and provide for it?

Step Three: Analyze the gap
You are where you are. More often than not there will be gaps between here and where you need to be in order to accomplish your goals. We will analyze the gaps in your situation based on the information you have provided.

Step Four: Make suitable recommendations
We will present you with an action plan – a tangible series of steps to remedy the gaps we see in your situation, and to proactively move you toward your final destination. Our compensation does not drive our recommendations: our intent is to do the right thing for you, and build a relationship for the long term.

Step Five: Implement your plan
Should you decide to implement your plan with us, we will do so using superior products and services that are appropriate to you and your needs. You can rest assured that in this step, as in all others, our key goal is to ensure that the tools we use are right for you.

Step Six: Monitor your financial picture
Ours is not the type of work you can ‘set and forget.’ We know you are too busy to keep a constant eye on your finances, so we make sure that we do. That said, we have sophisticated systems in place that allow you to closely monitor your financial situation as frequently as you wish.

Step Seven: Review and update your big picture goals
If there is one thing we know, it’s that the only constant in life is change. We will connect with you at least four times a year to stay actively engaged in your life and find out how things have changed for you.